Sunny and a travel bug burning a hole in our pocket, so we went out for some caching today.

First stop: Buitengaats (Meer zien van Almere 6)

GC12VWY: Buitengaats

Having picked up Indy red racer #6 travel bug in Mexico, it was time to drop it at our second stop:
De Gemeentegrens

GC10RTE: De Gemeentegrens

GC10RTE: De Gemeentegrens

On the other side of the dike are the Oostvaardersplassen, where we spotted some Heck cattle and a goose pair with goslings.

Oostvaardersplassen: Heck bull or cow

Mum and dad Goose with their goslings

And finally we picked up a microcache Wilgenbos (meer zien van Almere 3).

GC12MVC: Wilgenbos

Our little route of today: 20080411.kmz (Google earth required)

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